Who is Emmy the Emasculator?

Cooking up an evil plan of evil.

Cooking up an evil plan of evil.








Emmy The Emasculator is a character waiting to be written into the Dr. Horrible Sequel or the comics. She’s just hoping someone from the Wheedonverse to see this, and tell her story.

YES, she is Captain Hammer’s little sister, but she is nothing, NOTHING, like him! First of all, she’s EVIL. And instead of super-stupid strength, she has the power to zap the macho out of anything! Everything she touches, turns to wuss. It’s her curs–um, we mean power. That’s right. She’s so powerful, if she touched the band Slayer, they would sound like Enya. THAT’s EVIL. Oh, but…she’s not too evil to enjoy a nice cannoli at a quiet Italian restaurant, if Dr. Horrible ever asked her…

Oh, we forgot to mention, she’s in love with Dr. Horrible. Give her songs a listen and you’ll see!


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